Safety Courses: Trench Safety Awareness Training

This $60 per person, 3-hour class is formatted for municipal DPWs, utility companies, or contractors who have multiple personnel that need training in the principals of trench safety, but will not be expected to act as their company's Competent/Qualified Person. Personnel who are expected to act as a Competent/Qualified Person should take the 6-7 hour OSHA Competent Person Training course.

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The course is designed as an introduction to the principals of trench safety and is ideal for personnel who will not serve as the company’s Competent/Qualified Person but may participate in some underground work as part of their job duty. It is ideal training for new hires, or those who need a refresher on how to work safely on an excavation project.


  1. Why do workers get hurt?
  2. Duties and Roles of the Competent Person | Michigan Qualified Person
  3. Protective Systems
    1. Sloping; determining correct Angle of Repose
    2. Shielding; Manufacturer’s Tab Data, OSHA Acceptable Practices
    3. Shoring; How shoring works, variations on shoring principle
  4. Identifying Hazards

Items of Completion

  • Certificate of Completion (8.5x11)
  • OSHA (or MIOSHA) pocketbook
  • Trench Safety Training hardhat sticker

Terms and Questions

IN-PERSON Training: At Arcosa Shoring Products (Efficiency Production) Training Facility; 685 Hull Rd, Mason MI 48854 

REMOTE Participants: May have a group sharing a single laptop or device. Typically laptop with project in conference or training room

REMOTE Participants: It is preferred that someone in group-setting facilitate the training by operating the device or laptop with front-facing camera and microphone

Payment Information

Payment options and info here. We could include things like payment type, refund/cancellation policy and process, etc.

Need Specialized Training for Your Company?

Independent and exclusive dates for a REMOTE Training class can be scheduled for a company or dealer hosting six or more participants. Or, training classes of 15 or more participants can be conducted at an OFF-SITE location in Michigan. Call James McRay at 517-676-8800 for details.

Kent Companies has utilized Efficiency Production’s Trench Safety Training multiple times with mixed user groups that include trades such as excavation, concrete, plumbing, and electrical.  The training has been relevant and applicable to all the trades and has raised their level of awareness to not only the dangers that come with working in trenches, but also the ways to safely mitigate those dangers.

Christopher Fennema

Vice President at Kent Companies